Top-down-anything does not work (videos) (via A Blog Around The Clock)

August 14, 2010 at 7:25 am (Uncategorized)

Now, with natural flow of traffic to observe in traffic light-less areas, we can follow up the interesting subway system research in Tokyo, Japan, with an investigation of how humans collectively measure up to slime mold in traffic efficiency.

Part 1: Roads unfit for people: Part 2: Roads FiT for People: Read More

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  1. Chuck Moulton said,

    Very interesting videos! They get into more depth than the treatment I’ve seen in the American media. I liked the interviews with scientists.

    Libertarian media icon John Stossel has dedicated several articles and video segments to this traffic light phenomenon.

    Video from the show Stossel on Fox Business:

    Article penned by John Stossel:

    That removing street lights and road signs makes traffic run smoother is just a specialized case of the economic concept of spontaneous order, which universally shows individual choice yields better results than government regulation. This empirically and theoretically provable fact has been demonstrated over and over again in every aspect of political economy, and forms the basis for the utilitarian justification (rather than the natural rights justification) for the anarcho-capitalist philosophy and the libertarian political ideology.

    Do you think your tenure at the Seasteading Institute exposed you to more examples of spontaneous order and made you more libertarian? Or did the work have no effect (or an opposite effect) on your philosophical/political ideology?

    • nthmost said,

      I’m an anarcho-syndicalist; have been for years. So, no effect.

      Thanks for the supporting links.

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