March 5, 2009 at 11:45 pm (Uncategorized)

The Swedish Chef’s Croonchy Stars Cereal (Commercial, 1988)

I actually ate these throughout their entire production run. They WERE cinnaminnomy! But they also had the top-of-the-mouth-scrapey problem if you ate them too soon, and the bowl-of-mush problem if you waited just a little too long.

Hmm. Gotta be someone out there on the ‘net who’s done the work of finding the “optimal consumption time” of cereal.

Wait a second, I don’t eat cereal! Hahaha okay anyway…

Swedish Chef’s Croonchy Stars boxes usually had a bunch of stuff on the back relating to rutabagas. You know how cereal boxes always had activities and stuff to stare at while you’re mindlessly woofing down your chow, well Croonchy Stars had crossword puzzles about rutabagas, “where’s the rutabaga” pictures, rutabaga drawing how-tos… you get the picture.

I wonder if anyone out there still has a box of that junk? And does anyone still remember it well enough that it would be worth auctioning on Ebay?


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